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More Information:

Lasagna Benefits:

  • Delicous

  • Can be made with meat or vegetarian

  • Cheesy

  • Feeds a lot of people

Lasagna Downsides:

  • Takes a long time to make (but can be mitigated with proper planning!)

  • Not suitable for those who can't eat cheese.


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Still not convinced?

We here at the Lasagna Council love lasagna more than anything. But don't just take our word for it!

The oldest noodle?

"Lasagna" is the singular form of "lasagne," which according to Wikipedia is possibly the world's oldest noodle! In modern English, either spelling is generally considered correct for the casserole-like dish made of the lasagne noodles layered between sauce and cheese.

Perfect for cold nights

Due to a long cook time in the oven, lasagna can heat up a kitchen quite a bit! We feel that this makes it a perfect dish for a cold winter's night. Plus the hearty pasta, sauce, and cheese make for the perfect comfort food.

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